“On Wednesday 27 April 2016 a small number of Club members gathered for our weekly Toastmasters meeting. A long Anzac weekend followed by a short working week appeared to have impacted on the attendance. The meeting was chaired by Peter who also acted as the Grammarian (or as Peter likes to refer to it, as the grammar policeman), Marion presented a speech and Alastair lead our table topics session.

Marion’s speech entitled “How to stop snoring” certainly didn’t put us to sleep and it was her first advanced speech from the Speaking to Inform manual. Both John and Ruth’s evaluations confirmed that Marion had achieved her speech assignment objectives as well as her personal speech objectives.

Alastair reminded us it was Shakespeare’s 400th birthday and he provided a wide range of table topics that linked to England; sometimes the link was obvious and other times the link required some imagination, however everyone spoke confidently and clearly to their topic and Nicola provided an excellent analysis as the table topics evaluator.

Andrew provided an overall review of the meeting in his general evaluation and complimented the energy that was provided by the smaller number in attendance and presented Ruth with the Speaker of the day for both her evaluation and table topic.