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Area G3 International Speech Contest 2020

David, Naimh and Peter

You have to admire those Toastmasters that are willing to stand up and speak at contests since they know that they are being judged and being placed. However, this pressure has its benefits too. That is it brings out the best in the contestants as they take on the challenge. Today Area G3 had the […]

Congratulation Hazel – 1st place G3 Area Humorous

Congratulation Hazel – 1st place G3 Area Humorous Contest

“Fellow Toastmasters and distinguished Club Presidents. Last Wednesday, MBIE Toastmasters held the G3 Area Humorous contest. No laughing matter, we managed to pull a successful event and even shed a happy tear or two J A huge thank you all our contestants, Jonathan Cotton (Te Puni Korero), Amy Williams (Five Crowns) and Hazel Bidmead (Terrace@12), […]

Humorous Speech Contest Report

Humorous Speech Contest Report

Cat antics and Retirement Villages were the topics of todays Humorous speech Competition at Terrace@12  Toastmasters. Hazel was first up and with a Cat named Tensing she he or it certainly takes after its namesake with antics relating to getting in and out of the house though a tight cat door. What I loved about […]