Each Toastmaster club has a committee which organises the club and keeps the club running. Every July, (the new year for toastmaster memberships), the committee is re-established with many club members taking on new roles, changing roles or leaving roles.
This is a list of roles and their general responsibilities. Ordered by rank within the committee. I.e. if the President is absent, the VPEd takes on the responsibilities and so forth.

  • The President
    Ensures the smooth running of the club. Responsible for most communications in the club, whipping the committee members, and ensuring the club achieves Distinguished Club Status. Also votes at district and international meetings, chairs the monthly committee meetings and finds replacements for the committee.
  • Vice President Education
    Keeps track of the progress of each member, creates the Schedule which allows each member an equal opportunity at speeches and meeting roles. Organises “Educationals” for the club. Signs off on project completion and manual completion. Awards certificates for differing educational achievements. Assign a mentor to new members (if not delegated). The main person to talk to when discussing your goals and achievements
  • Vice President Membership
    Greet guests and make sure they sign the visitor roster. Helps induction of new members. Help new members with the sign-up process. Participate in the member building campaigns. The person responsible for keeping track of memberships, new members, guests and member communication. Work with the VPPR to ensure the website meets the needs of existing and new members.
  • Vice President Public Relations
    Responsible for the website, newsletter and any communication with the general public, such as press releases and publications. Helps maintain the membership mailing list and keeps track of members email addresses. Responsible for the correct use of the Toastmasters Logos and trademarks and makes sure the club complies with international copyright and trademark legislation. Leads the Web Sub Committee and encourages contributions to the website and newsletter from the acting committee.
  • Secretary
    Keeps tabs at committee meetings. Maintains Membership roster. Submit Club Officer List to TMI. Keep tabs on official correspondence, by-laws, minutes and resolutions.
  • Treasurer
    Keeps tabs on club finances and expenses, chases up renewals and makes sure the subscriptions and renewals are paid on time. Prepares the annual budget. Reimburses expenses using the club’s chequeing account. Acts as signatory for the club account. Submits new member applications and dues to TMI. Pays any bills for the club. Submit accounts for audit if required.
  • Sergeant at Arms
    Greets members and guests, sets up the meeting venue, makes sure guests sign the visitor book and helps the chair in setting up the room. Arrange name badges and helps members and guests get their name badge. Collects ballots and tallies votes if any voting takes place in a meeting. Responsible for making sure the meeting locations are booked and confirmed. Ensure equipment works and the club has supplies.