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Speech Resources

  • Icebreaker Speech
    Don’t have your membership pack yet? download and print Project 1 from the Competent Communicator manual to prepare your first speech as a toastmaster
  • Speech Objectives Booklet A4
    Overview of the different projects in the educational track of Toastmasters Internaitonal. Covers Competent Communicator, Leader and Advanced manuals
  • Use of Humour in Speaking
    Good tips on how to incorporate humour in your speech and some pitfalls to avoid

Meeting Resources

  • Toastmasters Agenda Template
    The Terrace@12 meeting Agenda Template. Use this whenever you are chairing a meeting. It is designed to work in a 1h slot and can be adjusted for different speech lengths
  • Chairperson Checklist
    A check list based on the template provided by the Spinnaker Toastmasters club. Adjusted to suit a 1h weekly Wednesday meeting. Read this check list if you know that you will be chairing a meeting soon.
  • General Evaluator and attendance form
    Template for the Terrace@12 club for use by the General Evaluator. Names must be checked against the current contact list
  • Timekeeper Report
    Sample report template for more elaborate time keeping. In most cases we just scribble the time next to the agenda item and keep the timer’s report to a minimum. But feel free to go the full nine yards with the above template!
  • Personal Evaluation Checklist
    Good check list to pick out items you wish to commend or recommend. Very complete! best choose only the items which stand out during the speech to include in your verbal evaluation.
  • General Evaluator Checklist
    For very thorough evaluations. Covers all possible meeting roles over 4 pages with space for commendations and recommendations. No need to use them all.
  • General Evaluation by George Mulligan
    Not your run of the mill evaluation. I won’t give away any spoilers. You’ll have to read it to see for your self!
  • Educational Evaluation Form
    If a member of the club is giving an educational and you are asked to evaluate them, use this template.
  • Memory Master Report
    Memory Master is a fun way to practice listening skills in the meeting. Sometimes we have a spare slot and one member takes on the Memory Master role whose responsibility it is to fish out interesting facts from the different speeches and find out at the end who can remember them.
  • Grammarian Report Form
    Simple form which the Grammarian can use to record the word of the day, its definition, and track the use of the word and other linguistic feats during the meeting. The Ah-count section is rather holistic. Feel free to personalise with pointing out exactly who had the most ah-ahm-oh moments. And who had the least!
  • Table Topics Master Worksheet
    Basic sheet allowing the TT Master to record the Name of the speaker against a given topic. Inlcudes tips on coming up with good topics and how to conduct the Table Topics session
  • Table Topics Evaluation Form
    Sheet to keep track of Table Topics Speakers. Includes tips at the bottom for things to look out for when evaluating TT speakers. Remember, each speech is on average just over one minute in length. Focus on a few criteria and nail them instead of trying to cover all aspects.

Contest Resources

  • Evaluation Contest
    Use this form during evaluation contests in the club. Explains the eligibility requirements and the judging criteria
  • Evaluation Contest Judge Form
    The judges of an evaluation contest use this form to record their marks for each evaluation. Tip! 15% of the mark is attributed for the summary. Don’t skip a good summary.

Club & Leadership Resources

  • Competent Leader Matrix
    The leadership completion form in the manual is not the easiest to decipher. This matrix is a useful tool to keep track of the progress you are making in the competent leadership manual
  • Mentoring Form
    Helps the Mentor keep track of the Mentee’s progress. Very basic. keep in your Toastmasters binder for review.
  • Exciting Meetings
    Ideas from the educational at Nelson Conference November 2003 on how to pep up a meeting. Always a good read and re-read.  If you think we can improve our meeting with a suggestion found in the notes above, mention it at the next meeting!
  • How to run meetings properly
    Educational on how to conduct a structured meeting. This is a good read for committee members who sit in committee meetings with structured agendas. Not to be used for Toastmaster meetings.
  • From Speaker to Trainer
    TMI Educational which gives an overview of the similar skill sets used when being a speaker and being a trainer. Outlines the need for more visual aids when engaged in training.