How to Join

You may want to visit us a few times before you decide to join. When you are ready to join you need to fill out an application form and pay your membership fee. The form needs to be signed by a club officer, who will arrange to register your application with Toastmasters International in the United States. An electronic copy of the application form can be downloaded here: Form400 Membership Application

Why Join

The Toastmasters International Programme is an effective way to improve not only your public speaking skills but also your leadership potential. Through fun and educational club meetings you will learn to overcome speaking hurdles, write better and more engaging speeches, think on your feet and work as part of a team. Your listening skills will greatly improve through fulfilling evaluation and grammarian roles and your time keeping and organisational skills will be honed as you become more familiar with helping and organising club meetings and competitions.

Joining fee

There is a one-off joining fee of $40 for new members. This covers the administration costs of registering a new member and the provision of the Competent Communication and Competent Leadership manuals.

Subscription fee

Each club charges a slightly different fee. Some clubs have tea breaks in the middle of the meeting which cost money to provide. Our club fees are kept to a minimum with a six-monthly subscription cost of $100 which covers the international membership fee and club running costs. You will receive a monthly Toastmasters magazine, as well as coaching and support. The subscriptions are paid in September and March.

Next step: Visit a meeting

You can contact the club via the contacts page and a committee member will be in touch shortly.