Five competitors from the 4 clubs in Area E4 vied for laughs and applause from a large enthusiastic lunchtime audience.

It was a full program ably warmed up by Ben our Joke Master. Well done Ben you are very, very good at this.

In these superb club winning speeches today we heard from Sylvia on how going to the beach with 3 young children, their friends and a dog in a small car results in a crushed lunch, no swimwear, wet clothes and major stress for the caregiver.  A story on planning for parents.

If you’re a bit lax in the way you’ve been doing your dishes after meals at work you don’t want to be working with Raymond. He appointed himself  the ”unofficial kitchen health and safety officer”. I’ll leave the consequential shaming of the offender to your imagination and recommend you use detergent and hot water from now on.

Felicity likes to try everything and has an eye for quality. She liked trying everything when she was young regardless of her talent for it and came from Ireland to NZ because she couldn’t go any further. Felicity has worked in the same government office for more than three decades showing amazing consistency contrasted against her formative years. 

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were raised by an animal? Ask Rose. Her childhood companion was a German Shepard dog and this is why she thinks she lacks normal human coordination. An interesting philosophy.

Thank God, the Cold War ended and the milking herd of Great Britain is now safer as a result from Steve and his cohorts. Steve talked about his time engaged in below ground monitoring exercises to protect the British population from exposure to radiation fallout should someone have flipped the switch back then. Conditions Steve had to work in were tough 50 meters below ground in a red hot bunker.  Apparently they used to leave the lids to their hideouts open to try to cool off down there and Steve’s speech surrounded the day a cow dropped in.

The Area E4 competition winner was Rose Austen-Falloon with her speech Little Wins. Congratulations Rose.



Left to Right – Peter Scholtens Chair, Felicity Baird, Stephen Hilson, Raymond Kemp, Rose Austen-Faloon, Sylvia Watson



Left to Right – Peter Scholtens Chair, 1st Rose Austen-Falloon (Terrace@12),  2nd Raymond Kemp  (Five Crowns), 3rd Felicity Baird  (Police).

The Winner


Peter Scholtens Chair Area E4 Humorous Speech Competotopn Winner Rose Austen- Falloon Terrace@12