This week our Toastmaster of the day is Ruth for her evaluation of the second speaker.

Ruth teaches us to evaluate by knowing the objectives for the speech at the beginning and restricting the evaluation to commenting on how the speaker met these.

This speech required a particular focus on the use of words and language. Ruth referred back to this and explained how the speaker had achieved these objectives giving us examples.

Ruth also provided helpful feedback to the speaker about how this speech can be adapted to better meet the criteria it was being judged upon should it be  epeated.

I believe this was expertly done by Ruth as the objectives could easily have been forgotten in the emotion displayed by this speaker due to the powerful  content and subject matter in this speech. A less experienced evaluator would have been sidetracked and commented on a variety of other aspects of the speech that were more pronounced.

How can this help you? Well lets say your in an interview and your asked a specific question. You find yourself wandering off the topic, sound familiar?  Well this is where you can improve by watching and listening to Toastmasters like Ruth and making sure you remember in the beginning what you have been asked to comment on and restrict yourself to it. Congratulation Ruth.