Congratulations today go to Andrew for his Introduction and Evaluation of Paula’s speech.

Paula completed Speech 7 from the Competent Communication Manual Research Your Topic.

Andrew gave us a comprehensive run down on the objectives for Paula’s speech such as how the speech is to include and acknowledge research from multiple sources in support the subject. His manner of doing this was assured, comfortable, warm and welcoming and it set the stage perfectly for Paula.

In his evaluation Andrew was quick to reassure Paula that she had met the objectives for the project and praise the  excellent job she had made of  keeping her audience engaged with her chosen topic. He went on to give some advice to Paula on  how he felt she could improve this speech if she were to deliver it again. His comments ranged from movement to the display of the supporting material.

Part of the Toastmasters education process is learning and practicing giving feedback through making introductions and completing evaluations. An exceptional evaluator does this in a way that acknowledges the strengths of the speaker, gives encouragement, points out areas for improvement and ends with reference to a positive take away that he or she has learned from the speech.

Andrew is very good at this.