Congratulations to Nicole our Toastmaster of the day. Nicole completed an advanced Pathways Project that required her to moderate a panel discussion.

This meant she had to choose a topic find the right people to make up her panel and think about what information she wanted them to share.

Nicole chose Toastmasters and populated her panel with new and experienced members. She designed a series of questions that could be asked of each Toastmaster so that they could answer giving the audience a range of experiential feedback.

Her questions drew out reasons for joining, personal challenges and the benefits gained from TM training from each panel participant. Of particular interest to me is how they have all been able to use their skills regardless of experience presenting at AGM’s,  workshops and seminars.

Overall there is consensus that Toastmasters training delivers a sense of confidence in dealing with groups of people and an ability to take charge rather than stand back when needed.

Running a group discussion to share experience that is valuable to an audience is a skill and Nicole demonstrated she has mastered it.

Nicole (left) reviving her award from Chris (right)