Congratulation to Chris for as the meeting chair An Le put it “for his Performance” that won him Toastmaster of the day. Chris was tackling speech 4 in his CC manual, “how you say it”, and gave a speech about the problems of introducing a new currency into a population, in the form of a playful story. In this way, he avoided boring and dull technical speak. Chris through himself into telling the story, in which he showed plenty of gusto, volume and varied voices for characters of Roota, Roota’s grandmother, and Pebbletown’s mayor that Peter mentioned that it would have been great for project 6 “Vocal Variety”.

Chris’s speech was an adaptation of the Boston Federal Reserve’s story:
“Wishes and Rainbows”.
The story is to open up questions for part two “The Road to Roota”.
Those watching and listening to Chris’s adaptation, might think that he added the reference to 9/11 in himself, but it is there on page 15.
RootaSandThe two release of “Wishes and Rainbows” has lead to “The Road To Roota Theory” , which Chris says “is interesting”.