“Today’s meeting was about trying new things and focusing on evaluations. 
The ‘one and only Thomas’ began the meeting with an insightful personal story and did well to keep the meeting to time, despite a packed schedule.
Paula gave us a great speech on how to evaluate.  With some great visuals she gave us all something to think about, and some very salient points for those who were evaluating.

Peter challenged himself with a project to speak about an ‘abstract concept’: Peter spoke about love. It was a very different speech to his usual style – always a good new challenge.

Grace completed the speech line-up taking us through her Toastmasters journey.

All of today’s speakers connected to the audience through topics we could relate to, and a little bit of humour to keep us engaged.

Today’s Toastmaster of the Day award goes to Paula for a well thought-out and carefully constructed speech, aptly allowing alliteration to be included. ” — Hazel Bidmead