Hi Everyone

My congratulations to all participants in todays event.
I believe Terrace@12 is an extraordinary club in the number and eagerness of our club membership to compete.
A field of 6 speakers today only reduced to 5 at the last minute.
Personally I felt all of the speeches spoke to me at some level and gave food for thought. The winning speech was bang on for Toastmasters its subject matter being that of direct communication in which we are all striving to improve.
I commend all participants for the time you have taken in preparing and rehearsing your speeches you are all better speakers as the result.

As always there can only one winner and the placings were
1st Rose
2nd Steve
3rd Andrew
TM International Speech 2016
Congratulations Rose who will be carrying representation of Terrace@12 on to the Area Contest later this month.

A special thanks from the club to Evans and Rob for attending to help with the judging.