Get online:
Have an online presence. The most suitable channel will vary from club to club but this could be via a club website, Facebook, Meetup, or something else!

Keep active:
Keep your website and social media as live as possible – can be as simple as posting your agenda.

Keep your members happy:
Word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising. Remember that a healthy club climate will result in your members wanting to sing your praises.

Think about your audience:
Just like a speech, cater for your audiences’ needs i.e. think about both new and existing members.

No fake news:
When communicating with potential guests, make sure that you are friendly and accurate with the information you provide. Sounds like common sense, right?

Show off!
Be visual, show that your club is fun through your site’s images.

Involve others:
Don’t do it all yourself, get others involved – e.g. ask your General Evaluator to write a quick line on their choice of “Toastmaster of the Day”.

Use physical collateral where appropriate to help build awareness. Would flyers, posters or business cards help to grow the presence of your club? The more types of media you use, the more audiences you reach.

Be obvious:
Remember to have signs at your meeting place so visitors know where to go, and people passing by can come check it out if they’re curious.

Use the guidelines:
Read and understand Toastmasters International’s guidelines to websites and Toastmasters Branding.