“Today,Pauline chaired a wonderful meeting with ‘nudge’ as our theme. It was small andcozy. Melissa delivered her Ice-Breaker speech about her Māori ancestry andwhānau, Richard talked about his first-hand experiences of being mentored forhis business, and I talked about Toastmasters in a Radio Talk Show setting. Suegave her first evaluation, and is growing from strength to strength, Hazel gavea great evaluation and made us laugh with her reference to ‘grabby hands’, andLiz gave another warm and well-thought-out evaluation. Paula gave a nudgingTable Topics session, and Hazel, Liz and visitor Brad nudged back. And Rashmitopped it off with a very succinct timer’s report. The meeting was small innumber but BIG in warmth and support. Congratulations everyone who attended andwe look forward to seeing you at next week’s meeting.  ” — Zaine