Most people come to Toastmasters concerned about having to speak in a impromptu manner. At Toastmasters there is the opportunity to practice this skill in the part of the meeting called Table Topic’s. This is where the objective is for participants to speak to a supportive audience for 2 minutes on a subject. Marion made a phenomenal job of her opportunity today. She was asked to speak of a subject relating to the meetings theme ‘Summer’. Marion grabbed our attention saying ‘No’ she wasn’t going to speak about summer but about her new job role with Arthritis NZ as promoter and fund raiser. She went on to explain about recent work she has done locally and said she is soon going to the Hawkes Bay to attend an event designed to raise awareness and support for the foundation. I think Marion did a magnificent job in her Table Topic because we all learned what she is doing for a worthy cause and why she is doing it. Marion finished her summary with a ‘call to action’ in the form of financial contributions and volunteer support from the audience for Arthritis NZ.

Her employers would be proud of her.

Anatomy of a Table Topic : Big attention grabbing start. Informative middle section. Memorable ending ‘ask for the order’.

Personally I think Marion scored high on the Summer theme as well. Hawkes Bay is one of the few places that has had one up to now:-)