The mark of a true Toastmaster is their flexibility and desire to step up when needed. Our Toastmaster of the day Grace did this by tackling two roles, Table Topics Master and Speaker.  Grace guided our Table Topics participants through an interesting range of scenarios  based on the current local body elections. Members got to try their political persuasion to the group in support or rejection of various public works and roles. Grace’s speech that followed carried on from this theme. Grace challenged anyone who might use their local school to grandstand an intellectual viewpoint suggesting they may not have considered their own child’s place within the school after this display and the time wasted by the school needing to repeatedly justify well thought out learning opportunities for its students. Grace explained the benefits to students of extra curricular activities in this case a Market Day where students will learn a wide variety of  skills such as cooperation, organization, networking, and communication. Would you cry down the opportunity’s for your child to be involved? Not me.

Congratulations Grace for your completing two complex roles at one meeting and your commitment to leadership in our club.