Cool, calm, and funny John exhibits note worthy attributes as a Toastmaster running a lunchtime meeting. In the preparation before hand he had to deal with a complete change of meeting away from being a contest. John showed the multiple skills that have been honed over the years from attending Toastmasters:

  1. Innovation
  2. Preparedness
  3. Flexibility

Innovation was needed with no speakers coming forwards to run a regular meeting. What was to be done? John came up with a theme of “special occasions” and had three special scenarios prepared for members to give mini speeches on.

Preparedness for meetings is encouraged at Toastmasters and John propagated the plans for the meeting, format, roles and agenda before hand.

Flexibility is key in a competent chair of any meeting. John showed this by again adapting the meeting to cater for Peter charging up with a speech project in the morning of the meeting.

Pauline the meetings General Evaluator recognised this triplet of skills; as do all members at the meeting that join in congratulating John for his innovative, prepared, and spontaneous chairing that earns him the Toastmaster of the Day award today.