“Relaxation”, is the theme of our last meeting in 2018. To me, it was not a relax meeting, first attempt as a general evaluator. Today’s Toastmaster of the day goes to Peter.

Peter was taking two roles today, a grammarian and a speech evaluator. Peter gave a brief introduction of a grammarian role, so our guests today Chris and Janine has an idea on what it is about. Peter challenged us with the good usage of words or sentences. At the end of the meeting, Peter pointed out each speaker with their good use of phrases.

As the evaluator for Hazel, Peter gave a little bit of background of Hazel, and the objectives and the purpose of the speech during the introduction. His introduction makes me looking forward for Hazel’s speech. During the speech evaluation, Peter provides useful recommendation, with examples and demonstration on vocal variety and tuning.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

— Sue Hui Sam