Congratulation to Toastmaster of the day Pauline for an advanced presentation on her analysis of Toastmaster’s use of presentation style versus content.

Which do you think would be most important? Presentation? Content?

Pauline has completed a study over the past 8 months and found surprising variations in how and when this occurs.My summary from today would be that your presentation style is always going to be what captures the interest and attention of your audience but you also need to be delivering good content regardless of your being engineer, IT professional or entertainer.

If this were no so why do job descriptions say Рmust have excellent presentation skills??? As you know most of us know what we want to talk about in our professional lives so its really a mater of how you make yourself interesting and your message memorable. Pauline did this perfectly today using two simple props with one word on each. She raised and lowered these to show percentages and visually lock in her message.

Do you want to jazz up your presentation skill’s? Then Toastmasters is the place to practice them, find new ways of doing and test the impact of your message on a supportive audience as Pauline did.

Well done Pauline.