Giving a speech on an unfamiliar topic is quite a challenge. However, Linn cracked this today, with his informative speech outlining 9 factors that can cause depression.

Linn’s speech was also personal, we respected his candidness, as he recalled the difficulty he felt after relocating to New Zealand leaving friends and family behind and having to cope with English as a second language.

With the fun meeting theme of “Let them eat cake”, finding out that a high sugar diet is a possible contributing factor to depression – however true – was hard medicine to take, so hard the high energy chair Marian wanted to dispute it!

Towards the end of the speech Linn deployed a neat presentation tactic to start the speeches conclusion off by sticking up a list of his 9 factors, so we the audience could read them. He then ran very briefly through these giving an effective summary.

Congratulation Linn for winning his Toastmaster of The Day award, presented by Liz the meeting’s General Evaluator.