“Toastmaster of today goes to Daniza. It’s incredible this is Daniza’s first speech. I was wowed away how enthusiastic, colourful and vibrant the speech was with the sprinkles of favours from Chilli. It was full of vocal variety, hand gestures and eye contact and cliff hangers, you name it. This girl is from Chilli with an Italian origin, so there is no surprise. Overall, an awesome job for an icebreaker speech.

Since Daniza left a little bit earlier, I couldn’t give out the trophy to her. I therefore also named a second Toastmaster of the Day – Hazel. Hazel introduced a historical town of Pula that she visited recently. What’s amazing about the speech was, Hazel opened up this amazing little township to us. She took us through a journey of Pula’s history, its iconic building and arena, its connection with the much more famous Venus, even linguistics about what ‘arena’ actually means. Hazel’s faked local accent was also brilliant. ”  — Grace