This lunchtime (21st March) the newly formed “Police Toastmasters Club” held the Area E6 Evaluation Contents.

The ‘Test Speech” was delivered by Kinnie Vermeulen (Five Crowns) and was an impressive speech, of a magnitude that at first might seem quite daunting to evaluate and give recommendations on. Her speech “Life is short” was a reminder to all that we are mortals, and we will die. By reminding us of the generally taboo subject of death, her speech moved the audiences thoughts onto the question of just how do we spend our time? How do we use up our 24 hours as it ticks, ticks, ticks away? The further questions was posed do we use it well? Or not as a delightfully narrated story of when Kinnie was young, when she visited Manila – capital of the Philipines – and saw a TV for the first time and just wanted to watch, and watch ,and watch . That is until her sage mother intervened reminding Kinnie that life is short, that self indulgence is not a wise use of that time.

The three evaluation contestants needless to say did come up with valuable suggestions, whilst appreciating the great points of the speech too. E6 Area Evaluation Contest Participants 2016
E6 Area Evaluation Contest 2016_Area Director_Owen Winter
Owen Winters the Chief Judge read out the winners in 3rd, 1st, 2nd order – to keep maximise the suspense of first place:
E6 Area Evaluation Contest Winner 2016_Peter Scholtens
• 1st Peter Scholtens (Statistically Speaking)
• 2nd Brittany Chellew (Police).
• 3rd Kathy Murphy (Fear Busters)Peter Division E Evaluation 2016