Keep good records:
Have a good filing system so the club records can be easily found in the future. Keep a copy of the constitution so the club has it to refer to. Things in the constitution like fees, membership restrictions and meeting times need to be voted on to change.

Learn how to facilitate a meeting:
There is some formality about the meetings you document and you’ll often have to lead the club through that. Learn how to assess whether you have a quorum at meetings, put motions for votes, facilitate discussions in conjunction with the President, and record the results of votes and decisions so they can be referred to in the future.

Use templates:
Much of your role involves documentation that you’ll use multiple times. Have templates for items like agendas, minutes, motions. They’ll stop you having to reinvent the wheel.

Keep the club informed:
If the club needs to have a special meeting, give the club members notice so you can more easily get a quorum. When the club needs to have its Annual Business Meeting in May, make sure the meeting notice goes out in plenty of time

Learn the role of Base Camp Manager:
The Secretary is one of the Base Camp Managers in Pathways. Contact people who are experienced in Pathways to show you what to do if you’re unsure. These people might be outside your club. Be prepared to ask your Area Director for directions.