Yesterday I felt like a proud Mum. The speeches were fantastic, and the support from all of you and our guests for both this and the evaluation contest unparalleled (for a contest) in my time at Toastmasters.  For those of you who didn’t make it we were treated to four riveting speeches all of which demonstrated the skills that the rest of us hope to obtain. What was so impressive was the range of skills demonstrated by each of the contestants – Peter really had to work to earn his win.

Congratulations to Peter our winner for both contests, and all the contestants for both contests. You showed us all how you can really learn and improve by entering contests. You also demonstrated that its up to each of us – the more we put into the process, the more we can improve.

A special thanks to our guest judges – for taking the time during their precious lunch hours to support us.

Thanks also to our two chairs Ratna and Pauline, all those who volunteered and took a supporting role and not least the audience!