How much does the Queen weigh?

Today we listened to two speakers give their interpretation of the Pathways Project, Leadership Styles.

You might wonder, what sort of leader I am?

Toastmasters gives you the opportunity to deep dive into this subject to discover your currently predominant in some styles and less so in others. This is not the end of it. We all change depending on the situation.

Our first speaker identified all of the styles and gave us examples of how these had worked in his life.

The second speaker Erin our Toastmaster Of The Day took a more outward look on how the styles are picked up by those we are leading using equine examples.

Why would horse that is up to 7 time the weight of a human follow or become calm in moments if upset?

The answer is Trust by leadership style.

Having an in-depth knowledge of the animal’s behaviour in its surroundings and operating correctly in them creates Trust.

We apply a variety of Leadership styles to achieve what we need to do each day.

Erin’s message to us is to use them first silently and assess what we are looking at i.e. understand the person or group we are about to lead feel the mood before we begin then we can apply the correct approach.

How much does the Queen weigh? Consensus today says about 65kg in 1981 when someone took a shot at her and she was able to calm her horse in moments seated side saddle and continue.

Erin made me feel we can all do this this too if we first assess our surroundings then select the correct style before beginning that the result will be we will move much more than our weight with Trust.

Congratulations Erin a memorable presentation.

Hazel handing Erin’s Toastmaster of the day trophy