Be ready to chat to visitors:
Visitors like to talk to members who can give them useful information and they are likely to be introduced to the VPM quite early. Be ready to discuss how the club works and the benefits of joining. There’s a useful table of features, benefits and value at:

Have information ready for visitors:
If visitors want to think about joining Toastmasters after attending a meeting, having an information pack for them to take away if useful. Include things like:

  • fees, including the new member fee and the six-monthly or annual fee (showing how pro-rating of fees work if they join in months other than October or March)
  • a formal TM visitors pack
  • who does what on the committee
  • an application form, including the club bank account number
  • directions to the club website and social media
  • club contact details

Have a guest book:
Pass a guest book and pen around at each meeting. Make sure it has headings in it that encourage the visitors to give you useful information, e.g. name, email address, phone number, comments.

Follow up:
Use the information you get in your guest book to follow up with your visitor a few days after a meeting. Ask if they have any questions or need any clarification. Invite them back. When appropriate, ask them to join.

Liaise with your other committee members:
When a new member joins, there are many committee members involved in order to make the sign-up a smooth process for the member. For example, your club might have a process like this (or a variation that suits the club):

  • the VPM helps the visitor complete the application form and signs it then passes it onto the Treasurer
  • the Treasurer checks that the fees have been paid then pays the new member’s fees to Toastmasters International using Club Central, then passes the form to the VP Education
  • the VP Education incorporates the new member into the schedule, sets them up on any scheduling software, finds out the member’s goals and assigns a mentor. The VP Ed gets the member started on Pathways too.
  • the Secretary keeps a record of the new member in the club records and incorporates them onto any club contact lists.
  • the Sergeant-at-Arms makes a name tag for the new member.