Know where the club assets are:
Keep track of your banner, lights, timing devices, lectern, trophies, name tags, guest book, club signs and other assets so they are all available for meetings.

Assess your venue:
Look at your venue from a visitor’s point of view. Could they find it easily? Have signs and directions out to allow your club to be easily found. Does it look welcoming? Are there any hazards?

Organise excellent events:
Remember that this is not solely your responsibility and involve other members of the committee and the club so tasks are spread fairly. As a coordinator, though, keep a record of good go-to venues.

Keep the club well supplied:
Check on club supplies to make sure they are available. This could be anything from visitors’ packs to tea and coffee.

Delegate your duties:
The Sergeant-at-Arms is inextricably involved in a visitor’s first impression at a club. If you are not attending a meeting, delegate your duties to another member in order to ensure that the room is set up and everything is in its place.