Now they talk about and write about this type of presentation but rarely if ever do you get to witness it first hand.

Today we did.

Hazel gave us an educational presentation on Mentoring using very simple but highly effective presentations methods.

Enthusiasm for the subject Hazel’s was infectious with eyes flashing and arms stretched out drawing us in.

Her mastery of the subject was fluent.

Hazel has told us that anyone who has completed a few speeches is in a position to mentor new club members, and that seasoned members can also gain from looking for mentors among us or elsewhere for skills they may lack.

Hazel convinced me its not just the mentee who gains in a mentor mentee relationship but also the mentor who is learning to pass on their valuable skills and improve interpersonal and relationship skills through listening, observing and providing feedback.

This is a magnificent and useful skill don’t you think?

What I really liked though is the way Hazel supported this session with the most simple of presentation material.

9 sheets of A1 paper attached to the wall by blue tac. First3 across to set out the main points, then  2 down on each to expand her points. So clever and yet so simple.

This method would be useful to anyone asked to speak on a topic, brief a meeting, or provide a report at short notice.

Congratulations Hazel