Congratulations to Martina for winning Toastmaster of the Day with her first speech with us, know as an Ice breaker speech.

Martina said that the club had been so warm so far that there was not any ice to break but she would tell us about her home country the Czech Republic and that way we will get to know where she comes from.

Martina’s spoke with confidence and without notes, through out which was impressive with the voluminous facts that kept popping up like the wild mushrooms – more on them later.

Starting to get to know about the Czech Republic with confusion is a surprising place to start but we learnt that there have been naming changes and attempts at alternative shortenings after the breakup of Czechoslovakia in 1993, as Martina explained and gave the impression of citizens being somewhat bemused.

Prague its capital. No confusion there. Martina modestly did not mention just how jaw droppingly beautiful the capital – take a look, you will want to visit.

Munching mushrooms, picked fresh from the wild woods and forests is a Czech favourite unexpected pastime that we learned of.



She educated us in with a list of famous people from the Czech Republic such Sigmund Fraud, and Ivana Trump and then followed on with every growing enthusiasm to talk about beer which we learnt is matched by her whole home countries enthusiasm for beer, attested by their copious consumption that gains them the number one spot in the world.


All of this talk of beer leaves us wanting to join in with clicks of glass on glass and the raising of a full tankard for a rowdy and loud ringing cheers for Martina’s fluid speech given today.