Three eager evaluation competitors Peter, Ruth and Chris lined up determined to be the best on the day at evaluating Rahul’s exceptional speech. “How to buy a TV”.

The meeting was co chaired by club members Grace and Andrew and they awarded the participation and winners certificates.

Rahul could sell me a TV any day of the week. The the way he spoke to us demonstrated the qualities of sincerity, integrity and conviction and this made his recommendation of what TV we should buy irresistible.  Rahul does what many of us don’t do when buying a large household item and that is ‘the research’. Know what you want and al the options before you buy.

Rahul makes the buying process easy he eliminates out of date products by looking to the future of the technology then narrows the field still further by comparing just a few major points. This simplifies the process and narrows the field allowing you to focus on just a few.

Our 3 evaluators immediately locked onto the main thing. Rahul’s credibility and said if they were going to buy a new TV Rahul is the man they would want to talk to first.  All gave considered feedback examples demonstrating how intently they had listened and absorbed all the data form Rahul. Each offered him recommendations of how to make his speech even better if it is repeated in the future. They all finished off their evaluations by summarizing  their main points and their recommendations which made it easy for us the audience to understand what they had liked in the speech and what they would have liked to hear or see more of.

On the day a competition has to have a winner and the Judges pick today is Peter. Peter will represent Terrace@12 at the Area Evaluation Competition in the near future. Best of luck Peter.


Below – Evaluation Competitors Terrace@12

Left to right – Peter, Ruth, Chris and Grace (Chair)

Above – Winner of Terrace@12 Evaluation Competotion 2017 Peter, and Andrew (Co Chair)