Why my Tea Cup

This speech is inspired by Ruth, and her advice to me, as VP Education, which has been good advice, and has also been hard advice at time. And today I’m following her advice, by talking about my tea-cup!

Why my tea cup?

Well – unless you heard my icebreaker speech, where my nerves were shattered, but fortunately not my tea cup, you would not have heard its story and how it helped me get to Toastmasters.

But still why tea cups?

Perhaps because they are humdrum, not controversial, and unlike the topic of my other speeches which have been all about inspiring people to wake up to the mass media’s mass hypnoses and propaganda associated with the 911 False Flag Attacks, a storm in a tea cup – perhaps.

My tea cup of my icebreaker story is made of fine bone china, and was painted in St. Peter’s Berg, Russia by steady hands. It was lost and found in an adventure with Russian Taxi Vans in the Ukraine, and then containered safely to New Zealand with all my possessions three years ago.

Here it is.  But how did it help me get to TM?

Well I work in IT, and we don’t do people. Oh no. We talk to machines in logic, but not people, they scare us, they have emotions, and we worry too much about what they might think.

IT people also run off copious cups of tea and coffee. At work we have these rather bland and characterless grey cups, in which I was getting a cup of tea in the staff canteen, when I saw an advert for TM roughly pinned to the cork notice board.

I read it and thought yep this sounds good, public speaking skills will really help me with carrying out the public duty of tolling the plangent bell of truth and calling for justice with regards to the crime of the 911 False Flag Attack.

However the idea lasted only as long as my nondescript cup of tea, from my even more nondescript cup as speaking up about anything to a group of strangers drained my limbs of blood so much that my hands looked like I was suffering from frost bite. Have any of you felt like that?

Sadly for me it was a fear far greater than just public speaking, it It was quite possibly a fear of people, in general and what they might think.

For instance, I had this beautiful tea cup at home and at work they had great coffee to drink, but we have to drink it from London drizel grey cups.

If I brought my own cup in, and broke the slate grey oppression of expressionless cups, with a cup of fine regular blue patterns that is rimmed in gold, made of fine bone china, and with its own matching saucer.

What would you think? What would the accountants, managers, and CFO think?

I was terrified.

Now it seems strange to be so concerned, but back then I had to draw from the courage a saint, from St. George facing his infamous fire breathing dragon in battle, just to bring my cup to work.

It worked, and After that, I found whilst coffee was great, tea was not.

So again I fretted, should I, could I, possible dare bring a silver tea pot to work? To make 1st class tasting tea? Again an internal battle was fought and won.

Both the tea-cup and tea-pot went to work, and I went to Toast Masters.

And that is the story of my tea cup, where:

 The grey cups, represent the fettered thoughts engendered and straight jacketed by the main stream media.

  • My tea-cup, and its decorations represent the alternative media and the internet reformation.
  • And from the silver tea pot is pouring percolated truth, that for those that drink or take a sup of the 911 evidence find that it opens their mind like inhaling the aroma of Bergamot, and find it an antidote to the mind altering, multi spectrum, propaganda that is fed to us relentlessly day after day.

In summary, find out who you really are, don’t be a grey cup, break out the matrix, use something more you to drink your tea or coffee.