Cat antics and Retirement Villages were the topics of todays Humorous speech Competition at Terrace@12  Toastmasters. Hazel was first up and with a Cat named Tensing she he or it certainly takes after its namesake with antics relating to getting in and out of the house though a tight cat door. What I loved about this speech was Hazel was prepared to go the extra mile in getting down to a cats level and demonstrating the behavior, it really made you laugh.

Peter is currently encouraging a family member to consider the Retirement Village lifestyle option and told us how these are not just places to go and die but how they are full of a community men and women having a laugh and good times. Be it in the wood turning shop by accidentally putting pieces of wood on a high velocity lathe glued together with tooth paste or a group of lady’s working out who’s having the most trouble drinking a cup of tea. 

So looking forward its not all glume and doom.

As always there can only be one winner and this year its Congratulations to Hazel.

John – contest chair, Hazel – 1st place, Peter – 2nd place