Insightful, inspiring, accurate, and even dramatic are some of the words that describe todays competitor’s evaluations.

We had five competitor’s putting themselves forwards, stretching and growing. The order in which they spoke and the competition results are:

Peter Scholtens (1st place)
Sean Torley (4th place)
Anna Mckinlay (3rd place)
Evans Chogumaira (2nd place)
Marion Pawson (5th place)

Eval Comp 2015

All the competitors really did give it their all, with their evaluations. Our club is certainly lucky to have such a concentration of talent.

Each of them evaluated the same speech; “No Regrets” given by our guest speaker Diane Isherwood. Her speech engaged and inspired us to try and give the scary things a go, through her tale of the visceral feelings felt whilst overcoming fear when learning to paraglide.

Diane, showed that she leads by example too by parachuting into the role of guest speaker on the morning of the contents! Sadly Rober Jelas whom was coming, fell ill.
The Theme of ‘No Regrets’ has strength in it, hence Lilian Morison our area governor built on top of it at the end of the meeting and challenged us to step up to the role of Area Governor.

Peter Scholtens Evans Chogumaira Anna Mckinlay







Five Crowns and ToastHealth strongly supported the competition, which is much appreciated. Terrace@12 members I hope and urge you to reciprocate the honour whenever you hear of an opportunity.

Evaal Comp 2015 WinnersAs always with any competition there is much that goes on behind the scene. Thanks is to the chief judge(John), judges(anonymous), Timers(Rossita), Talley counter(Andrew), and Seargent@Arms (Stephen)

On behalf of the Terrace at 12 Toastmasters, I would like to thank Diane and the other guest for attending. It really transformed our normal meeting into a full competition. Thank you.

Christopher Ashley
Terace@12 Evaluation Competition Chair”