We are preparing for the very first contest of this year. Yes my friends, it is the



Everyone is invited to participate either as an contestant or as volunteers to help out with the contest. We already have two very enthusiastic people volunteering for the role of Contest Chair, they are none other than

Ruth Fletcher and Margreet Bos
(Leading us my example!)

Please find the details of our club contests. There are two contests to be held.

1. Evaluation Contest – Friday, 11 March. Margreet will be chairing it. Lunch Time (12:00-1:30)
2. Internation Speech Contest – Friday, 25 March, Ruth will be Chairing it. (Time to be determined, most probably in the evening)


Now let us get a little formal with the rules and regulation.

a) If speaking, please ensure that you have read the rules (see attached).
b) Please let me know by end of this week, if you are interested in doing a speech in the contest?
c) You also have to volunteers for (each of the contests)

Tally counter x 2
Timer x 2
Sergeant of Arms x 1 ( this person prevents people coming and going from the room, while a speaker is speaking)

1. Eligibility rules req+uires contestants to “have completed at least six manual speeches in the Competent Communication manual prior to the Club contest”.

For those who have not completed at least six – we encourage you to participate in the contest. However, you will not be eligible according to International Speech Contest rules, to go forward to the next round of speech contest e.g. inter club contest etc

2. Eligibility rules requires contestants to “be a member in good standing…”. – this requires you to be a fully paid up member of the club.

We expect you to come forward and volunteer as contestant or for a meeting role. Please email Ratna, Margreet and/or Ruth with your expression of interest.

Hei konei ra,


Speech Contest Rule Book:

Speech Contest RuleBook Revisions (Jan 2011)