A big Congratulations goes out today to Zaine who was the winner of Terrace@12’s Humorous Speech contest with his wittily crafted speech taking us through the trials and tribulations of making mathematics fun.  Zaine drew upon his own experience of learning maths and intertwined a numerical riddle through it to hold his talk and our attention to it. There were fantastic one liners like when he asked his Auntie an Accountant to help him find the lowest common denominator, exclaimed. ‘Haven’t they found it yet? They were looking for it when I was a girl learning math’.

Zaine will go on to represent Terrace@12 in the Area Humorous Speech Competition.

Other humorous speeches were given on:

  • Charitable Giving,
  • Communicating with a 3-year-old,
  • and giving away your winning Table Topic tips.

Andrew’s used humour with Charitable Giving to shone light and insight into our reactions and the feelings we perhaps go through when street beggars ask us for charity.

Fairul, enlightened us on how small children really do think differently and how you need to be flexible in your approach with them. Fairul showed us what a cool parent he is and how he manages to use all his Toastmaster’s skills to create a positive relationship with his son.

John told us how he gave away his best approaches to Table Topics to help his competitors in the club Table Topics contests, in the moments waiting to be called in to speak. He also told us  whilst speculating how to use an ice cream tub lid as a prop, that just happened to be in his hand!

We would like to thank all the competitors for entering us and providing us with inspiration and fun. Also for Nicola our Chair who guided the session so professionally and ran it so smoothly with her excellent control of the time and contestant interviews.

We also thank our Judges form Police, 5 Crowns, and MSD for giving up their time to come and judge at this contest and our club members Pauline, Hazel, Martina, Hana, Quentin, Peter and Thomas who lent a hand with all the supporting roles and make our competition possible.


Terrace@12 Humorous Speech Competitors 2017

Left to right : Zane (winner), Andrew (second place), Nicola (Contest Chair), Fairul and John