Congratulations our Toastmaster of the day award goes to our Chairperson Thomas. Thomas demonstrated his excellent organizational skills in getting todays meeting arranged, roles filled and the agenda out well before time. Thomas selected a theme for the meeting of ‘Technology’. He opened the meeting with a short personal story about his in home music system. Why is this interesting you may ask?  Its interesting as it reminded us how in home entertainment in the not so distant past may have been a radio, hi fi, TV, or stereo etc. This has now changed dramatically into a no wires, no need for tapes, records, or CD’s accessibility to just about any piece of music, film, instructional learning ever made. All made possible by  internet technology. Fascinating when you sit back and appreciate it and what it offers anyone who has access.  Thomas’s lead set the scene for our Grammarian and Table Topics Master to link their topics to his Technology theme. Today we participants have been able to see, hear and practice speaking on how we currently  use or would like to use Technology in future. What I took away from our meeting today is that if a Toastmaster is given a theme or a word of the day he or she can use their Toastmasters skills to turn that word to their advantage by expanding it into an interesting short talk. This is a skill that helps everyone be more interesting to those who surround them. If you would like to be more interesting come to our meetings and hone this skill for yourself.  Thomas, well done.