Ruth is awarded Toastmaster of the day for giving a well considered and comprehensive evaluation. Ruth used the Toastmasters CRC (commend, recommend, commend) process to structure her valuable feedback. She began by commending the speaker for the knowledge research and passion he had for the subject and how it had been displayed in the delivery to us. She went on to recommend some changes that she thinks would make the speech more focused and memorable if it were repeated. Ruth identified the speech had two themes when she felt one would have been more powerful to getting the speakers message across in the short time that was allowed. Ruth wrapped up by commending the speaker again for choosing such controversial topic and handling it diplomatically in the Toastmasters setting. Wouldn’t we all like to be given feedback like this? To be told how well we have done and why, then given some tips and examples of how to be better next time and finally congratulated on the thing the evaluator thought we did exceptionally well. By joining a Toastmasters Club  you can receive this type of comprehensive growth enhancing feedback on your speaking and leadership skills.

Thanks again Ruth