Have you got a plan for your life’s next 5 or 10 years or beyond? Do you have 5 goals written down that you are working towards? If your answer is no stop here and write them down right now. Today our Toastmaster of the day Ruth gave everyone time to do this. Ruth then proceeded to tell us of how she is in the process of planning her future from here. This was made interesting for us as you could think that its something you would be doing earlier in your career. Ruth then told us about some of her life achievements so far such as designing, financing and building her own home, traveling, also her education and professional development.  What I like about Ruth is that she walks the walk and talks the talk and makes you feel anyone can do these things. She says you just need to be clear about what you want and set out a plan for yourself to get there. Ruth was at pains to remind us that some of us do this type of detailed planning everyday in our work life so why would we not translate these skills to our own personal lives and reap the rewards and satisfactions. Ruth’s mantra is ‘don’t let the grass grow under your feet’. You may think you have forever but this may not be the case so do it now. Get those 5 goals written down and priortise them and start making a plan to achieve goal number 1 right now, live by it die by it and make it work . I have.