If you hate the way meetings drag on, and on, and on then you should join Toastmasters. As Toastmasters teaches you how to control and run meetings to time with a tight agenda and a timekeeper.

The role of timekeeper is threefold: First, is to indicate the progression of time to speakers via coloured  lights. Second, is to keep records of speakers times, and third is to give a short report at the end of the meeting.

It is as Timekeeper today that Marion H won our Toastmasters of the day award (normally given to the speakers) for her awesome report. In this report, she ran us through the timing schedule and gave helpful commentary to participants.¬† Some were commended and some reminded of how they might keep to the allotted time in the future. Further, Marion did all this with good humour and structure.¬† She also managed to remind the speakers to be respectful of others time and tactfully put it to “the movers and shakers” in Toastmasters to work on being able to get their message across in the time allocated. Well done Marion.