Todays meeting theme was Maintaining Calm. Hazel our impromptu speaking leader came prepared with a variety of topics for participants to demonstrating how they would instruct or motivate in pressure situations from parachute jumping to the coaching of an Olympic team.

The really wonderful thing that Hazel had done before the meeting was put time into her topic’s so that she could background them in a short but detailed paragraph to each participant which allowed them to understand enough about their mock situation to continue on and speak on the subject.

When leading you need to think about how your can communicate what you want briefly but fully enough to get the action or response you require. In Hazels topics she told you why you were there and what the situation looked and felt like. Therefore the speaker was already out of the plane hurtling to the ground or fired up motivating Olympian’s  and their speech just flowed out from there.

Congratulations Hazel.