Congratulations to Chris for his creativity in running our business session so that it was not the usual bore. What happened, Chris picked up the Super Hero Theme from An’s speech and then used a tryptic past, present, and future Table Topic Competition formula.

He actually started in the present celebrating Pauline’s Super Hero achievement of Advanced Communicator Silver award.

Then moved to the past, to present Andrew and Pauline dedicated toastmaster awards, for their past year’s service as Committee members.

Finally, he was looking for Super Hero’s of the future, for next week’s competition. By requesting interest for each of the roles judging, organising and competing separately and without reference to each other Chris moved quickly on only after each role was filled. Sound easy? It’s not, especially when we want to gain support for an activity or project tend to give too much information and cloud the issue making it hard for listeners to make a choice.

Pokemon3The meeting’s theme of Pokemon “catch ’em All”, was what Chris’ General Business demonstrated mixing enthusiasm and Toastmaster’s skills learnt from at the club.