What makes a speaker interesting, grabs your attention and has you waiting for them to begin?  The answer is a well thought out introduction.

Today Ruth as our meeting Chairperson completed a project from the Advanced Manual, Specialty Speeches. The project titled Introduce the Speaker.

As a part of her meeting preparation  Ruth had pre approached all of the speakers on the Agenda and obtained biographical information. From this data Ruth was able to set the scene for each speaker as she introduced them in their role telling us of where the speaker had come from why they were there and what they were about to do. This caused each speaker to reflect (the meetings theme) and in my opinion perform to a higher degree.

Ill bet you notice when an introduction is well done at work, a seminar  or an award ceremony and noticed how it adds impact and value to the speaker and their message.  Today everyone was fully introduced for their meeting role and it added real richness to our meeting.  Well done Ruth

If you would like to learn the introductory process Toastmaster’s is the place to practice and perfect it.