Congratulations goes to Rose today for winning the Toastmaster of the day award for her Icebreaker speech. Rose’s speech seemed more alive than just a speech, almost a play that took the audience on an emotional ride, along with the narrative and intellectual ride that were clearly present. We all felt for Rose when her job was no more, after striving to win a bid, and the desolation of no longer being defined by ones job.

An Icebreaker speech at Toastmasters is not only an opportunity for a first speech, but an opportunity for the club to get to know and empathise with a new member.

Rose opened up to us through her speech, which gave us: context as to what brought her to Toastmasters, a glimpse of her married life at home, and a sense of how she strove to find purpose in-between employment, before rounding off with her laudable public speaking ambition (in part motivated by the balls up of some well known politicians).

A splendid start, that has the whole club egger to help and hear more from Rose very soon.