Congratulations to Chris K for his informative speech about planning for which he won the Toastmaster of the day award.

Chris A (General Evaluator), Chris K (Toastmaster of the Day)

Chris K’s speech was had a number of successful elements to it:

  • an interesting relevant and relatable topic
  • successful use of props
  • humor

One of the first rules of speaking is to know your audience such that a speech is relatable. Chris K’s audience being Toastmasters and professionals in central Wellington CBD are all busy people, a speech titled “how to conquer your work day” was instantly engaged.

Props add to a speech. Chris K had prepared us a diagram on the reverse side of the movable white board. This was an easy to read 4 segmented diagram. The revealing of the diagram added movement and interest when spun around.

Take 10: 3 simple ways to manage an overwhelming workload ...

The diagram remained a constant reminder, reference, and anchor through the speech.

Laughter is a way of lightened up speech and re-engaging an audience. Chris K used laughter during the last quarter of his speech, which is a perfect time to do so. The laughter that swept the room relaxed everyone there and caught our attention.

Congratulations to Chris K for his speech, his skill in delivery, his progress being made at Toastmaster and for winning today’s Toastmaster of the Day award.

— Chris A General Evaluator