Congratulations to Ben, who with his first speech with Terrace@12, won Toastmaster of the day. Why did he win? Because he really did an excellent job with breaking the ice with the club but without any shattering or grating. Ben like a captain of a great ship took us on board, upped anchor and pulled gently away from the wharf using audience engagement and modest expectations. When he set out his speech structure, he admitted it was as wide, 37 years wide but joked with us not to worry he could not fit it all in, he also then toyed with us by setting off in a monolog which headed his ship towards the rocks of boredom just as we left port, only to swiftly swing hard to starboard, as he revealed he was joking and showed how he can mix in both humor and variety of voice patterns to his speech.

We are now all looking forward to the next voyage with Ben.