Congratulations Thomas TM of the day for a trio of interesting childhood memories and their lessons for today’s toastmasters. 

1 wear your helmet when on your bike accidents can happen to anyone.

2 be careful around water you could drown.  Thomas is lucky to still be with us.

3 choose your friends wisely or you can wind up on the wrong side of the law. 

Perhaps not so easy in Thomas  case as he came from a small village. Thomas related these three stores to us in such a verbally rich way where if you didn’t have him in your minds eye crashing his bike, floundering in the cold sea or caught up in a serous altercation you probably could see yourself as I did.  A timely reminder to human frailty  and  a wonderful  yarn taking us down memory lane. We all have our stories and Toastmasters is the place to get get an opportunity to tell them. Well done Thomas.