“Congratulations Mary Ann for her speech today on the process of how we learn.

Mary Ann reminded us that we can achieve anything we want to if we just identify what it is, break it down into small bites and practice these repeatedly until they become a part of us. If you do this she says when you least expect you’ll find you have become an expert. Of course she is right we are all experts at something.

When learning a new skill we go from learning (practice) to being (expert) from conscious (thinking) to unconscious (autopilot) competence. Wow I just love this.

If your thinking you want to be a better speaker be like Mary Ann and join toastmasters. Practice, practice, practice and in due time, probably not very long at all you will look back and not be able to believe where you were to where you are now with this skill.

Go Mary Anne well-done and we all look forward to more of your highly motivational speech topics. ” — John Stapleton