Linn and Ruth

Congratulations to Lin Zaw Win Toastmaster of The Day.

“Table Topics today was a unique experience for our newer members and guests, and a real challenge that was well met by our speakers – they not only had to speak off the cuff they had to pick up the thread of a story and make it their own. Linn, our toastmaster of the day seamlessly pick up the story and delivered using great gestures and an ending that that made it easy for Ravi to follow. Congratulations Linn” – Ruth

“Our meeting went very well. Peter did a great job of explaining the budget and John spoke about Blue Cod. We had a very creative TT session with Liz starting a story, then each TT participant added to it. It was lots of fun! Marian, Lucien, Grace and Ruth gave awesome evaluations and Mary Ann’s timer’s report was spot on.” Zaine – President