It was Sun’s first visit to Terrace@12 where she bravely took on the challenge to answer a Table Topics question. Omar asked  the question which was connected to meeting them of Britexit, but he cleverly trouser-pressed them out into a more general question along the lines of “The British will be going through a great deal of change with their Britext, how do you cope with change in your life?” .   Sun stopped and thought and then answered very profoundly “Change in life is inevitable.” and continued expanding with depth and profundity, whilst making natural expressive hand gestures. RoadToChange1After reaching a hiatus she changed tack to tell us why she had come to Toastmasters, revealing what it is like at a first meeting, where one’s heartbeat starts to race and personal fears rage as a terrorist of the mind worrying about what others think. Sun’s concluded that she had come to Toastmasters to change, an inspiring momentum that carried over and resonated with everyone in the room.