Congratulations to the recent winners at Terrace@12 Toastmasters

Table Topics contestants:

(1st) Peter Scholtens, (2nd) Ruth Fletcher, (3rd) Denise Barnett, Andre Visser,  Anil Muringathery,  , Peter Hsiung,    Patrick Lui,.

Humorous Speech contestants:

(1st) Ruth Fletcher, (2nd) Andrew Neal, Chris Ashley.

Competitions are a great way for speakers to really push themselves,

Thanks goes to all the organisers, chairs, judges, timers, ballot collectors, and Sargent of arms, without whom a smooth competition could not go ahead.

The Table Topics competition was a tricky question about the fluoridation of water, which chance happened to pick an order that batted back and forth between for fluoridation to against fluoridation, giving an almost even handed debate as an added extra.

And the Humorous Speech competition was a laugh, you should have been there, and next time don’t miss it. After the three speakers a chain story went around the table creating a very bazaar tail about Royalty, Toastmasters and the desperation of not being able to relieve ones personage when convenient!